Never say you know the last word about any human heart – Henry James


Beginning in the early 1920s, and continuing for 60 years, Any Human Heart presents the life story of Logan Mountstuart (LMS) through the personal pages of his journals.

From his sexual awakening as an Oxford undergraduate with his best friend's lover to his later marriages, love affairs and brief encounters, Logan Mountstuart records it all in frank and straightforward prose.

He is the schoolboy navigating the complexities of growing up, the university student striving to succeed, the young adult aspiring to authorship. He is the officer betrayed in his own personal war, the New York art dealer, the middle-aged teacher and the ill-informed activist. Finally he is the pensioner finding twilight friendship in France.

His unplanned life takes him from a childhood in Uruguay to London, and on to Paris, to the Bahamas and to Spain, to Switzerland, to New York, to Nigeria and to France.

The many diverse experiences of LMS encapsulate literary sensations, royalty and a steady stream of artistes. Fictional figures and events juxtapose with the real-life remnants of lives past. He rubs shoulders with Ernest Hemingway and Ian Fleming, and becomes embroiled in a shady scandal with the Duke and Duchess of Windsor.  He lives in great homes and basement flats, enjoys the comforts of high society and finds himself reduced a diet of dog food. His is a full and varied life.

Logan Mountstuart makes his mistakes, finds fame, fortune and love; he loses his drive, ambition and life as he once knew it; and then he gets right back up and starts all over again.