"of Ahaiyuta and Marsailema, the twins of War and Chance; of Jesus and Pookong"

Zuni religion focuses on nature - Earth, Sun and Sky
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeZuni religion focuses on nature - Earth, Sun and Sky - Credit: a4gpa on Flickr
The Zuni here believe in both their traditional Zuni beliefs and some aspects of Christianity. The latter began to be absorbed into Zuni culture when Christian missionaries arrived after the Spanish conquest of the area in the 16th century.

Traditional Zuni religious beliefs are centered around their three most powerful deities: Earth Mother, Sun Father and Moonlight-Giving Mother. The Sun is especially important as a life-giving deity; the Zuni word for 'daylight' also means 'life'. Awonawilona is the creator of the world, who made Mother Earth and Father Sky. The twin gods Ahaiyuta and Marseilema (also called the Ahayuta Brothers) are gods of war, created by Awonawilona to help the first people.  According to one myth, the twin gods helped Poshaiyankya, the first man, to lead the people out of the underworld and into the light (the basis for the ritual undergone by boys coming of age). 

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