Cold Comfort Farm tells the story of Flora Poste - young, sophisticated, and determined - who leaves fashionable London to visit 'Cold Comfort Farm' in deepest Sussex, where she transforms the lives of her unruly relatives, the Starkadders.

As peace and harmony replace discord and violence, we see the beautiful but wild and unkempt Elfine Starkadder made over as suitable 'wife-material' for the local gentry; Amos Starkadder, the fire-and-brimstone preacher, released from his farming duties to set out on a nationwide crusade; brooding Seth Starkadder transformed into a Hollywood sex-symbol;  and Cousin Judith miraculously cured of her neuroses. Most important of all, we see the family released from the tyranny of Aunt Ada Doom (who was never the same after seeing 'something nasty in the woodshed' when she was no bigger than a 'titty-wren') and Ada herself launched into a new and glamorous existence in Paris.

Congratulating herself on a job well done, Flora is able to leave the farm, confident not only of a bright future for the Starkadders,  but for herself too as her own romantic hopes are realised.