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Transylvania, now part of Romania, is a beautiful land full of picturesque towns and villages, breathtaking mountains and stunning scenery, as described by Stoker in chapter 1:

“Before us lay a green sloping land full of forests and woods, with here and there steep hills, crowned with clumps of trees or with farmhouses” (page 13).


Transylvanian woods and hills
Creative Commons AttributionTransylvanian woods and hills - Credit: Damien Boilley/Wikimedia Commons


“the straggling ends of pine woods, which here and there ran down the hillside like tongues of flame” (page 13).


Transylvanian forests
Public DomainTransylvanian forests - Credit: Vberger/Wikimedia Commons


“the lofty peaks of the Carpathians themselves. Right and left of us they towered, with the afternoon sun falling full upon them and bringing out all the glorious colours of this beautiful range” (page 13).


The Carpathians
GNU Free Documentation LicenseThe Carpathians - Credit: Marek Silarski/Wikimedia Commons


“Here and there seemed mighty rifts in the mountains, through which, as the sun began to sink, we saw now and again the white gleam of falling water.” (pages 13-14).


Transylvanian waterfall
Public DomainTransylvanian waterfall - Credit: Shuzi/Wikimedia Commons