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Page 1. " The pretty little Swiss town of Mayenfeld lies at the foot of a mountain range, whose grim rugged peaks tower high above the valley below "
Maienfeld as seen from Wartenstein Castle, Pfäfers
Creative Commons AttributionMaienfeld as seen from Wartenstein Castle, Pfäfers - Credit: Kecko
Falknis mountain
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeFalknis mountain - Credit: Isabel V

 Maienfeld is a small town in the eastern part of Switzerland, in the canton of Graubünden (also known as Grisons).

When Heidi was written, in 1880, there would have been about 1,240 people living there. Today, there are just over 2,500.

The town is overlooked by the Falknis mountain, which is part of the Rätikon range.

Cantons of Switzerland
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeCantons of Switzerland - Credit: User:Ojw