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Page 9. " I wanted to get a job in the town, so I took Heidi up to Pfäffersdorf "

The 'town' is Bad Ragaz (see bookmark p.3).

Pfäffersdorf, now usually called Pfäfers, is a village a short distance from Bad Ragaz. It is the site of the Tamina gorge where there is a hotwater spring which supplies thermal water to Bad Ragaz.

Originally, visitors could bathe in the hot spring water at Pfäfers itself. From the 13th century onwards, monks from the Benedictine monastery in the village took advantage of the healing powers of the water, and a special bath-house was built in 1704.

The spa at Pfäfers, called Bad Pfäfers, was the first spa established in Switzerland.


The monastery church at Pfäfers
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeThe monastery church at Pfäfers - Credit: Roland Zumbuehl