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Page 3. " Last summer they stayed in the hotel at Ragaz where I've been working as chambermaid "
Bad Ragaz (between 1860 and 1890)
Public DomainBad Ragaz (between 1860 and 1890) - Credit: U.S. Library of Congress

Ragaz, now usually called Bad Ragaz, is a small town about a mile (2 km) from Maienfeld (see bookmark p.1). It lies at the foot of the Pizol mountain and is in the canton of St. Gallen (which is marked SG on the map of the cantons).

From 1840 onwards, thermal water (water which is naturally warm and rich in minerals) was piped to Bad Ragaz from the spring at Pfäfers just a short distance away. Bad Ragaz then became well known as a health spa. Several luxury hotels, such as the Grand Hotel Quellenhof, were built to accommodate visitors to the spa.

When Heidi was written in 1880, there were just under 2,000 people living in Bad Ragaz.








Cantons of Switzerland
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeCantons of Switzerland - Credit: User:Ojw