Nantucket (or just New England?)Coastal America of the period, economically essential (oil trade etc.).  Religion, race etc..  Economic centre of the world, for a time?Yet not seen as worthy of interest?  Crucial - Moby Dick takes a maligned area of life, consigned to penny dreadfuls previously, and makes it the stage for a grand epic of civilisation (put this in Review?).

OIL TRADE, WHALING HISTORY OF NANTUCKET, BROADER VIEW OF NORTH-EAST AMERICA AT THE TIME. The SeaMost of book's action takes place on various oceans, Atlantic to Pacific

Pequod's voyage takes it almost around the world:

Different sections of ocean - what impact do they have on the story?  Do we notice movement from climate to climate?THE OCEAN, BROADER HISTORICAL ASPECTS OF IT REFERRED TO IN NOVEL...


Ch. 51 - "the Azores; off the Cape de Verdes; on the Plate (so called), being the mouth of the Rio de la Plata; and the Carrol Ground, an unstaked, water locality, southerly from St. Helena"