Adelbrand's Pentacle
A pentacle of special powers which allows magicians to maintain control over their demon for multiple service.
A demon of fire; the second most powerful form of spirit
A protective charm that can fend off evil but cannot be actively controlled by its owner.
A coloured nimbus that surrounds all living things but is invisible to most humans. It changes colour depending on mood and is a useful indicator of a person's emotional state.
A magical formula or incantation, usually sung or spoken, for the purpose of securing another's favour.
An abusive term for a djinni or other supernatural being. Demons are the source for all magicians' power.
Dismissal Spell
An incantation recited to send a demon back to the Other Place.
A class of powerful spirits capable of changing form.
Elemental Sphere
A detonation device in the shape of an orb; it can be used effectively by magicians and commoners alike. Contains several elementals, spirits of fire, earth, air and water.
The fundamental, essential being of a spirit, wherein its identity and nature are contained.
Five pointed star
A simple hex in the form of a star, used to deter trespassers.
A lesser djinni of a nasty cast, keen on the taste of humans.
A spell, often of an unpleasant or aggressive nature.
A tiny manikin produced by magic and often trapped in a bottle as a magician's curio.
A subclass of djinni appearing as shadowy apparitions to humans, causing madness and disease.
A manipulative form of spirit lower in rank than marids, afrits, djinn, and foliots.
Indefinite Confinement Spell
A spell that perpetually confines a demon within a minute space such as a tobacco tin, bottle, or old lamp
Special eyeglasses that allow magicians to view several planes at once, helping to reveal a demon's true form.
Loew's Nominative Almanac
A book that lists all official names used by magicians between Prague's golden age and the present. Used during a magician's official Naming Ceremony.
A human who has the ability to summon and command supernatural beings to do his bidding.
The most powerful rank of demon normally called to work under a magician's service.
Mirror illusion
A sophisticated spell that forms false images of large-scale objects.
The lowest form of demon, possessing very little intelligence.
A lowly form of demon.
Natterjack Impling
An unadventurous minor demon that resembles a dull sort of toad
Other Place
A realm removed from normal physical laws where magical creatures originate.
A five-point star figure used as a tool for summoning and controlling spirits.
Prague cubes
Cubes with encased mites; capable of detonating a minor combustion. Used as a party gimmick by second-rate magicians.
A small green-blue sphere, about the size of a marble, visible only on the seventh plane; used to detect the level of magic in a given area.
Scrying glass
A disc within which an imp is imprisoned; used for spying.
Search Sphere
A sturdy imp with giant scaly ears and a single bristled nostril, which makes it particularly sensitive to magical pulsation.
Seven-League boots
Boots that can cover considerable distances in the smallest strides at the wearer's command.
Shriveling Fire
An incantation used to destroy demons who deliberately disobey or refuse to carry out a command.
Any supernatural being, from mites to marids. Magicians label them all demons.
A lowly demon that is weaker than an imp.
A seductively shaped djinni in female form.
Systemic Vice
Concentric bands of force which can incinerate a djinni's essence.
An artefact that has active magical powers and can be used at the owner's discretion (such as a flying carpet, seven-league boots, or enchanted sword).
A type of djinni known for its unintelligent devotion to violence; can be very easily fooled.