"Cronos devours his children, rather as the boar devours the mother-sow's farrow, and Zeus castrates his father and takes his place"

   In Greek myth, Cronus was foremost amongst the Titans, an intermediate race of rulers who preceded the classical Greek gods.  It is not Zeus as Freud claims but Cronus who castrates his father Uranus in seizing power, at the behest of his mother Gaia.  Freud later observed and analysed his error, alongside several others from the same work Cronus goes on to devour each of his immortal children as they are born, to ward off a similar fate, which he ultimately meets at the hands of his youngest son.  Zeus wins freedom and maturity through the same violent rite of passage as his father, but without resorting to his barbaric measures.















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Online edition of Freud's 'Psychopathology of Everyday Life', as translated by A.A. Brill, (1901)