The partial or complete wasting away of a part of the body
Someone who provides alcohol illegally. The term 'bootlegging' originally derives from the practice of concealing flasks of alcohol in the legs of wide boots
An Indian curry made of spiced chickpeas
An inexpensive sack made of burlap, traditionally used to transport grain, potatoes and other agricultural products
A sticky sweet popular in the Indian subcontinent, made by frying batter in spiral shapes and coating them with syrup
A loose-fitting knee-length cotton shirt worn by men and women in South Asia
A feeling of general discomfort or uneasiness, depression or stagnation
'Abseiling' in British English - a controlled descent down a cliff using a rope
The currency unit used in Pakistan, India and other South Asian countries
A snack popular in South Asia, consisting of a fried triangle of pastry with a spicy, savoury filling
soda fountain
Commonly used American expression for a dispenser of carbonated soft drinks
sophomore year
The second year of study at a high school or university in the USA
summa cum laude
The highest university degree level which can be awarded in America, meaning (in Latin) 'with highest praise'. This is relatively rare, and often reserved for students who graduate with a perfect academic record
A composer and singer of songs and lyric poetry during the Middle Ages in Europe
One of the two official languages of Pakistan - the other is English
varsity team
A principal sports or athletics team representing a university, college or high school in the USA or Canada