The River Why is set almost entirely in Oregon and almost entirely on or near an Oregon river.  Use this map to locate places mentioned.

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Portland Oregon


Portland Oregon (500 * 183)
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikePortland Oregon - Credit: Eric Baetscher



The narrator/protagonist Gus Orviston of The River Why was born and raised in Portland, Oregon


Trillium Lake and Mount Hood
GNU Free Documentation LicenseTrillium Lake and Mount Hood - Credit: Kelvin Kay



One of the most well known landmarks near Portland is Mount Hood pictured here as backdrop to beautiful Trillium Lake.

The River Tamanawis

Most of the novel after page 70 takes place in a fictional location Gus calls the River Tamanawis near the Oregon Coast somewhere in the north half of the state which flows into the Pacific Ocean at a town he calls Fog through which Highway 101 runs and in which begins the river road that runs east to his cabin at a point not far from where the road peters out into the maze of logging roads that cover most of the coastal range.


Oregon Coast
GNU Free Documentation LicenseOregon Coast - Credit: Cacophony