Page 217. " he still had some notes left on the roll of francs the RAF had given him "
World War II Silk Map (A.D.L. Maps Air Ministry No. 7330)
Public DomainWorld War II Silk Map (A.D.L. Maps Air Ministry No. 7330) - Credit: Private Collection of Sarah Farman (Photographer)

RAF airmen were issued an evasion kit which included money, a compass, two photographs out of uniform for creating forged papers, a fishing hook and line, nutritional tablets and a silk map.

From James Holland’s Second World War Forum:

Landing operations were considerably more dangerous than just flying over a target, largely because one could never be sure of the reception committee or exactly what the conditions were on the ground.  The risk of being stuck in the country over which they were operating was ever-present to all Special Duties air crews, all of whom carried their own escape and evasion kit. 

Group Captain Hugh Verity (1918-2001) flew Lysanders on clandestine missions for the SOE over France: Hugh Verity tended to wear a mixture of civilian clothes and uniform when on operations; his battle blouse could easily be burned or hidden, leaving him with an ordinary shirt, trousers and pullover.