Page 503. " in the drawings of Constantin Guys "

One of Guys' 'slender and shapely' horses
Public DomainOne of Guys' 'slender and shapely' horses
Constantin Guys (1802-1892) was a war correspondent during the Crimean War. He painted in water-colour and provided illustrations for both French and English papers. He is now known as the 'painter of modern life' from Baudelaire's essay of that name.

Page 505. " I remember I slept with her on the day MacMahon resigned "

This would have been 30th January 1879. For more on MacMahon, see the bookmark to p. 22, 'related to Marshal MacMahon".

Page 509. " rounded like the sun and moon in Michelangelo's Creation "

Michelangelo's Creation
Public DomainMichelangelo's Creation
The Creation of Adam is part of Michelangelo's famous frescoes in the Sistine Chapel, painted c. 1511.