Page 376. " a Russian Tokarev pistol "


Tokarev Pistol
Creative Commons AttributionTokarev Pistol - Credit: Polish Ministry of National Defence

The Tokarev pistol, or TT (Tula-Tokarev, after the Russian town famous for its weapon manufacturing plants) was developed by Fedor Tokarev, a Russian weapon engineer. Tokarev's pistols and rifles were widely used by the Soviet Army during World War II. Although the Soviet Union began to phase out the TT in 1945, several countries, including North Korea, continue manufacturing the gun.


Page 390. " The nova praia was festooned with shipwrecks "

Mozambique's second city of Beira, once a thriving Portuguese port and the maritime gateway to Rhodesia, is still badly scarred by the civil war.

A superb article on the Italian restoration of Beira's long-ruined sewage system.


The Beach at Beira
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeThe Beach at Beira - Credit: mozmamavicki, Flickr