Arcology, a portmanteau of the words "architecture" and "ecology", is a set of architectural design principles aimed toward the design of enormous habitats
black medicine
unregulated surgery and body modifications
computer-created dub
music created by an artificially intelligent computer for a specific audience
consensual hallucination
A graphic representation of data abstracted from banks of every computer in the human system
persona in software
cyberspace cowboy
a user excellent at jacking into cyberspace. Gibson coined the term "cyberspace" in his short story "Burning Chrome" 1982
gel pad that allows an electrode/drugs to adhere to the skin
an often futuristic society that has degraded into a repressive and controlled state, often under the guise of being utopian; dystopias often explore the concept of humans abusing technology and how humans individually and collectively cope with technology that has evolved too quickly.
Intrusion Countermeasures Electronics (ICE) is a term used in cyberpunk literature to refer to security programs which protect computerized data from being accessed by hackers
Implanted Microprocessor Monitor
Chips that are implanted in people to ensure compliance with company rule
JAL shuttle
shuttle capable of attaining low earth orbit
is a drug used in human and veterinary medicine; it induces a state referred to as "dissociative anesthesia"and is used as a recreational drug.
Kuang Grade Mark Eleven Penetration Program
Chinese virus software for breaking the ICE
Low-Gravity Velodrome
a bicycle track in an orbital resort
Meat Puppet
A person with a neural cut out chip; the chip allows computer software to completely control their actions
a small piece of firmware inserted into the brain that provides data on a particular subject, or special features, for the user
Mimetic Polycarbon Suit
Clothing made from a fiber that could change colors based on either recorded images or real-time picture input
Glasses that are surgically implanted in the face of the wearer
An agent, such as a chemical, ultraviolet light, or a radioactive element, that can induce or increase the frequency of mutation in an organism
Neural Cut Out Chip
An electronic device which, when implanted in the brain of the subject, allows software to take over that person's body
Nikon Eyes
Artificially cultivated eyes that can be transplanted to replace (or repair) your original pair
ono sendai cyberspace 7
a cyberdeck
pyrolytic carbon
a material similar to graphite
Robot Crab
An automated gardener
Selected Melanin Boosting (stenciled tan)
designer tan
the centralized mass-media outlet
stimulation of the brain and nervous system of one person using a recording (or live broadcast) of another person's experience
is a colloquial name for the Boston-Atlanta Metropolitan urban sprawl
Talking Head
A mechanical head (with an analog voice) used as the output terminal for a computer
Temporary Quarters
Device used to separate a large interior space in an off-planet satellite into various living spaces
Toothbud Transplant
implanted teeth that mimic the dentition of other species
A small space vehicle, used to provide a push or pull to objects floating in space without propulsion systems
Vat Grown Meat
no animals harmed
is a space station