The Imaginary Future
Creative Commons Attributionsonyberlindome - Credit: Andreas Tille

Neuromancer is set in an imaginary future.

The story takes place in the low-life meatspace of urban streets, or jacked into light bright cyberspace.

Daily life is dominated by corporate and street technology: invasive body modification, drugs, simulated reality and omnipresent computers. 

Mega corporations and wealthy elites dominate economics, politics and the military. 

Vast glass cubes and holograms fill the domed skies.

Chiba City, Japan
Public DomainDomedChiba - Credit: atrilogy

Chiba City, a suburb of the Tokyo sprawl with Ninsei Street at its core, is where Neuromancer begins. Case is entangled in lies and street dealing: bars, techno-criminal subcultures, black clinics, data exchanges, bootleg software and implants, an unlicensed tech playground.

In our age, Chiba is a city of around one million people, located 40km east of Tokyo on Tokyo Bay.  The city was founded in 1921, and is famous for having Japan's longest artificial beach and the world's longest suspended monorail.

Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul Panorama
Creative Commons AttributionIstanbul Panorama - Credit: zoutedrop, Flickr


Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeIstanbul - Credit: Greenwich Photography
In Istanbul, Case, Molly and Armitage forcibly recruit Peter Riviera.

Istanbul is one of the world's great historical cities.  As Constantinople, it was the capital of the Eastern Roman Empire, and it became the richest city in Europe.  In 1453 it was captured by the Ottomans.  It was commonly referred to as Istanbul, although the name Constantinople was retained for official purposes until 1930.  It is now the largest city in Turkey, with around 10 million residents.  Its location on the Bosphorus Strait makes it the only city in the world to be situated on two continents, Europe and Asia.


Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeBazaar - Credit: espiritu_protector

Public Domaineasternsprawl - Credit: Wjmummert

BAMA (Boston-Altanta Metro Axis) is one continuous hypercity covering the entire eastern seaboard of the United States.

Also known as the Sprawl, it is an unending morass of commerce, geodesic domes, industrial parks and fast food outlets.

Home to Case, he has no love for it; just memories.


Kirensk, Russia
Lake Baikal
GNU Free Documentation LicenseLake Baikal - Credit: Xchgall

Location of the Screaming Fist military mission and an attempt to destroy a Russian computer nexus with a prototype virus, Kirensk is in reality a small town of 14,000 people in central Russia, about 240km north of Lake Baikal.

Aerial photo of Kirensk



Internet map
Creative Commons AttributionInternet map - Credit: The Opte Project

No Place. Infinite Space. Awash with Light.

William Gibson invented the term.


Freeside/Villa Straylight


Public Domainvillastraylight - Credit: NASA

Freeside Orbital Resort orbits Earth.

In Freeside the artificial intelligence Wintermute manipulates Case and Molly to achieve greater emergent complexity for itself. 

Villa Straylight, in the tip of the orbiting spindle, is the private castle home of the Tessier-Ashpool family.

Alpha Centauri
Alpha Centauri
Creative Commons AttributionAlpha Centauri - Credit: ESO, Claus Madsen

Alpha Centauri is a binary star system with two stars, Alpha Centauri A and B.

A third star hovering gravitationally nearby is Proxima or Alpha Centauri C. Proxima is the closest star to our Sun.