Page 107. " You would call them werewolves "
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The Werewolf Legend

According to the old tales, a werewolf is a human who turns into a wolf at full moon. To become a werewolf, one had to be bitten or scratched by one, or be placed under a curse. The werewolf legends are mostly European, although Native American legends do recount men transforming into animals, called shape-shifters.

Twilight Wolves

The wolves in Forks are Native American shape-shifters, not traditional werewolves. In the Twilight universe, the latter do exist and are mentioned later in the series but are never fully introduced.

The Twilight shape-shifters transform in order to protect their area from vampires.  Theirs is a genetic rather than a magical transformation.

Twilight Werewolf Mythology

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Page 112. " I picked up a CD that Phil had given to me for Christmas. "

The band Bella mentions in this Chapter is Linkin Park, and the CD is 'Hybrid Theory'. This was confirmed by Stephenie Meyer on her Frequently Asked Questions Page:

Q: What CD is Bella listening to in Chapter Seven?

Stephenie Meyer:  I took that information out because I wasn't sure how long it was going to take to get Twilight published. If it took ten years, would the band still be cool, or would it be embarrassing? Lucky for me, it didn't take that long, and the band is still quite cool (in my eyes, at least). Bella is listening to Linkin Park. As I am at this very moment.

Listen on Spotify:          Crawling           In the End           Pushing Me Away


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Unfortunately, the site Vampires A-Z does not exist, but here is a list of websites featuring vampires:



Vampire Junction

European Vampire Research

The Vampire Library

Dracula's Homepage

Top 3 Twilight fan-sites

1. The Twilight Lexicon

2. Twilighters Anonymous

3. Twilight Moms