Page 151. " Ought we to be at an outdoor performance of A Midsummer Night’s Dream? "
A Midsummer Night's Dream
Public DomainA Midsummer Night's Dream

 A Midsummer Night's Dream is a play by William Shakespeare, well suited to outdoor performances as it is set in a forest.

Page 154. " Stupid manual reminds me of Linguistics professor had at Bangor "

In the days before DVD players became standard issue, we had to rely on video recorders. Even the most basic models proved horribly complicated to operate, and anything more advanced than pressing play or record was beyond the ability of most.

Bangor University, where Bridget studied, is situated in North Wales.

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Page 155. " It’s recorded Barry Norman "
Barry Norman
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeBarry Norman - Credit: jontintinjordan
 Barry Norman is an English film critic who hosted the series Film on BBC1 for 20 years.
Page 157. " Chuh! Isn’t it dreadful what’s happening in Srebrenica "


Srebrenica Massacre Graves
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeSrebrenica Massacre Graves - Credit: Michael Büker

The Bosnian War followed the break-up of Yugoslavia in 1991, when four republics - Croatia, Slovenia, Macedonia, and Bosnia & Herzegovina - made declarations of independence. The Bosnian declaration was made by the Muslim majority, and Orthodox Serbians living in Bosnia & Herzegovina rebelled against it. Fighting broke out and, supported by Serbian troops, the Bosnian Serbs took control of a number of areas, subjecting them to a programme of ethnic cleansing.


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In July 1995, more than 8,000 Muslim men and boys were slaughtered in Srebrenica by the Bosnian Serb Army.  The town was meant to be a "safe area" under UN protection, but the 400 Dutch peacekeepers stationed there were unable to prevent the massacre.

Page 164. " Una and Geoffrey are having a Tarts and Vicars party "
Tart and vicar
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeTart and vicar - Credit: dionc

A tart is a prostitute or a woman with a carefree attitude to sex. A vicar is an Anglican parish priest. 

Tarts and Vicars party involves dressing up as either, regardless of gender, which perhaps goes some way to explaining the continuing popularity of this well-worn theme.

Page 166. " You’d probably have married some crashing Geoffrey Boycott character "
Geoffrey Boycott
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeGeoffrey Boycott - Credit: Badger Swan

 Geoffrey Boycott is a former England cricket player and now commentator on the sport, who might be considered a 'crashing bore' by anybody lacking a keen interest in wickets and batsmen. 

Page 168. " hoping I looked OK in the bunny girl outfit "
Bunny girl
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeBunny girl - Credit: truester

 Bunny girls were waitresses at the former Playboy club, who dressed up in basques, stilettos and fishnet tights, then completed the look with a fluffy rabbit tail and ears. The outfit was inspired by the official Playboy mascot, a rabbit wearing a tuxedo.

Page 168. " Super to see you. Have a Pimms "
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikePimms - Credit: reeselloyd

 Pimms is a gin-based concoction, which is mixed with lemonade and served with fruit, cucumber and mint.

It is traditionally enjoyed in the summer at garden parties, tennis games and other upper-crust events.

Page 169. " clad in a demure lilac dress and coat like Jackie O. with sunglasses on her head "
Jackie O
Public DomainJackie O

 Jackie Onassis was formerly the wife of the American President John F. Kennedy, as famous for her impeccable and inventive style as for her political credentials.