Page 102. " she fell on the pavement on the Lower Cobb, and was taken up lifeless! "
Granny's Teeth
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeGranny's Teeth - Credit: Simmo1024

The Lower Cobb is the older, lower section of the breakwater, linked to the upper section by several narrow stairways. The most precarious of these are those known as 'Granny's teeth', and tradition has it that these are the ones from which Louisa Musgrove falls.

The Cobb is also known as the point from which the French Lieutenant's Woman stares out to sea in John Fowles' 1969 novel of that name.



Page 113. " A chaise was sent for from Crewkherne "


Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeCrewkherne - Credit: Richard Knights

Crewkherne (or Crewkerne) is a town in the county of Somerset which was a prominent place to order up or change coaches.  

Public DomainChaise - Credit: Pearson Scott Foresman

 A chaise was a small, two-person, one horse carriage noted for its speed. 

Page 122. " She had been taken to Charmouth too, and she had bathed, and she had gone to church, and there were a great many more people to look at in the church at Lyme than at Uppercross "

Charmouth and Lyme
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeCharmouth and Lyme - Credit: Val Vennet

Named for its location on the river Char in West Dorset, and situated about two miles along the coast from Lyme, Charmouth is also rich in fossil finds and views of the sea.