Tom Barry
Permission Granted by Copyright Owner for Use on Book DrumTom Barry - Credit: Tom Barry

Tom Barry is a British writer who made his debut with the 2012 publication of When the Siren Calls.

The son of Irish immigrant parents, he was born and brought up in Northampton as one of eight siblings.  Whilst studying Economics at Bangor and Liverpool universities, he published a number of articles in an international journal, which gave him his first taste of authorship. He went on to build a very successful career in management consultancy, working with Deloitte, PWC and Accenture, advising the boards of companies such as Toyota, Disney and Apple.  After twenty years in business, Barry decided to take his skills in communication and persuasive writing to a different audience and became a full-time writer. ‘Find something you enjoy doing, and you’ll never work another day,’ he says.

As well as his business and writing careers, Barry has many philanthropic interests and has been widely acknowledged for his support of various charities. In recent years he has made several visits to Kenya, where he has sponsored schools and their pupils, and he is a staunch supporter of the Nordoff Robbins Centre for Music Therapy. Building on his belief in helping young people develop their talents, Barry has recently become a Schools Territory Partner for the British Writers’ Awards, which encourages creative writing programmes in schools across the UK.

Tom Barry is married and has three children: he splits his time between his main home just outside London and San Diego. A self-confessed Italophile, Barry set When the Siren Calls in Tuscany: one of his favourite places in the world. The prequel to the second novel in the trilogy, Saving Jay, is already available. Barry blogs regularly on a variety of topics on his website, which also offers news and extra material about his novels.

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