Page 726. " The cart rolled up to the hide, and the venerable old man rose to his feet "

   Urganda the Unknowable and Arcalus are the two enchanters who respectively help and hinder Amadis of Gaul during his adventures (See note to page 29).

Page 727. " The living death stood there and, in a sleepy voice and with a tongue only half awake, began to speak "


   The sage Merlin, in his familiar form as friend and advisor to King Arthur, was amalgamated from various strands of history and legend by the 12th-century scholar Geoffrey of Monmouth.  Passing through the hands of the authors of various chivalric romances, his history was fragmented into a number of different versions.  Cervantes alludes to this ambiguity in the chivalric canon, his play-acted Merlin refuting the popular tale of his being sired by a demon as a scandalous lie "that passing years have authorized". 

Online edition of Geoffrey of Monmouth's 'Historia Regum Britanniae', translated by A. Thompson (1842)