Page 130. " no one had sung ahesta boro "

Ahesta Boro is a Persian composition performed as the bride and groom enter the wedding hall in Iran or Afghanistan.  Lyrics were added by Abdul Rahim Sarban.

Ahesta Boro means "walk slowly".

Page 141. " I want you to go khastegari "

Khastegari is the Persian system of marriage proposal.  The khastegar, or suitor, is accompanied by his parents when he calls upon the bride's family to ask for her hand.  Each family describes the virtues of bride or groom.  Tea is served, and then the couple are left alone to get to know each other. 

Page 143. " All the Afghans in Virginia "

Of the 300,000 Afghans resident in the USA, about 10% live in North Virginia. 

Page 147. " wine-colored traditional Afghan dress with long sleeves and gold trimmings "

Traditional Afghan Dress, Kandahar 2008
Creative Commons AttributionTraditional Afghan Dress, Kandahar 2008 - Credit: tldagny, Flickr

Page 147. " the Shirini-Khori or “eating of the sweets” ceremony "

Zoolbia & Baamieh
Creative Commons AttributionZoolbia & Baamieh - Credit: Hamed Saber
  Shirin-Khori is the engagement party, when the betrothed exchange "namzadi" rings. 

Eating sweet foods at the ceremony symbolises a wish that the couple should enjoy a sweet life.  Typical sweetmeats served include chocolates, dried fruit, baamieh (doughnut balls) and zoolbia (pretzel-like sweets). 

Recipe for zoolbia and baamieh